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Linksys wrt54g and wap11 connection question

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I recently purchased a Linksys wrt54g and I also own a linksys wap11 and a linksys 5-port switch. Can this combo used to between my computer and 5504. If so, how do I set it up? Thanks,

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The references I've seen indicate the WRT54G from the factory is a little

castrated and can only operate as an AP/router/switch. It cannot do

bridging of any sort. It doesn't support WDS bridging, it doesn't support

proprietary AP client, point2point, point2multipoint. Your only hope with

stock WRT54G for bridging is one of the MAC masquerading bridges like


However if you run the hacked firmware you are supposed to get WDS

bridging for the WRT54G which means theoreticaly it'll work with Buffalo,

Belkin, Apple, and WAP54G which support WDS bridging. It definitely

works with other WRT54G running hacked firmware with WDS bridging


WAP11 is supposed to only support proprietary AP client, point2point,

and point2multipoint. AFAIK these proprietary bridging modes only

work with other WAP11s, not with the AP/router/switch products. It

seems more a marketing than technical decision.

If I were you, I'd dump the linksys and buy some Buffalo WBR-G54s.

They give you amazing bang for the buck and work well with streaming.
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WAP11 can only bridge to another WAP11 or a WAP54G. Take sfhub's advice & return the WRT54G and go for 2 Buffalo WBRG54s. WRT54G in wireless mode is terrible at streaming for some reason - I ended up returning one myself. I use 3 WAP54Gs and they work great, but if I were to start over I'd go for the Buffalo units - much more bang for the buck and proven for streaming by many.
Thanks, guys for your quick responses. I'll take your advicce and dump the linksys stuff.
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