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Linux NVidia + DVI + XBR960

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Hey guys .. I decided to go the MythTV route and have setup my extra Athlon XP 2400 computer for this purpose. The computer has a GeForece 4MX 440 card with DVI out which I want to use to run my Sony XBR960 TV.

I have X all setup on the machine, but no matter what I do, I can't get it to come up on the TV. When X starts, I can see it detect the TV and it DDC pulls two modes from the TV, 720x480 and 1920x1080 and it lists all the timing.

First I tried some modelines I found on the web. Then I tried "videogen" to generate 720x480. Then I actually used the timings detected from the TV for 720x480. (I'm starting low.) If I try the 1080i timing that comes out of the TV, X complains about my modeline not being right -- something about (bad doublescan/interlace) or something.

Anyway, at 720x480 -- Nothing.

If I plug in an analog monitor and reboot, the 720x480 does work on that screen.

Just to make sure something isn't funny, when I boot into windows, the newest NVidia drivers detect the TV and can run at 480p and 720p perfectly. 1080i works but the picture jumps for some reason .. I just updated the BIOS on the card and wanted to try again and see if that helps.

It's hard, on linux, because I'm operating blind. The NVidia does not run the text mode at a mode that is compatible with the TV so you basically see nothing until the proper graphics mode is started. (When running Windows, for instance, you see nothing until it boots up into windows.)

Oh ya, one more thing I tried -- I flashed the bios on the card and set in the bios the options to "scan DDC info from monitor" and "force adapter scaling." I would assume it would recognize the TV can't display regular VGA 640x480 and needs the video card to run at a supported solution. But that didn't help.

Any ideas guys?

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Read the long README.txt that Nvidia has posted next to their Linux driver. You may have to add some "ConnectedMonitor" lines to your X config file to get the driver to believe you have a TV connected.

Did you ever get this resolved? I have a modeline that is working but the Overscan is severe!
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