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So my brother is having issues with the lip syncing of his new TV so I thought I'd test the lag on my setup. I did the typical setup of hooking a laptop to the receiver and output the display to the TV. Here is where it gets interesting:

My setup:

Display - Panasonic 65VT50

Receiver - Denon 4311CI

So with the auto lip sync on I got a delay of around 90ms through the system. When I turned the auto lip off I got a delay of 50ms.

I wouldn't expect this as I would expect the delay to stay constant. I would think the only thing lip sync would affect would be the audio signal and I wouldn't want the delay getting longer with lip sync on.

Any idea what's going on here? My only guess is that the receiver might be changing from game mode to film mode to process the lip sync and thereby increasing the delay. I plan to play more with this later.
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