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so im tryn to play my hd dvds through the xbox 360 hd dvd add on connected threw usb to pc im running it through cyberlink powerdvd i think it is 6 and i have really bad lip sync issues i just dont know how to fix it, i have a E6750 @ 2.66ghz / 2.5gig ram / xfx alpha dawg edition 8800GT 512mb / 650i ultra evga mobo. running threw vga to dvi to a LG 37LG30 and the sound is connected through a 3.5mm adapter to RCA cord to a pioneer vsx-d308 old school reciever im gonna up grade to either a onkyo 607 or onkyo HT-RC160 just dont have the cash yet, now i was thinking of just getting a stand alone hd dvd player but ive already had to send a few back so i was wondering if there is anything i can do to get this working without having to actually buy anything right now. but if i do need to buy something what would have bigger impact a new sound card with optical output and or the new AVR? i dont have any problems running high quality movies from my hard drive its just the hd dvd add on that has the issues, also when i use the xbox360 with the add on certain movies get a black screen at random points now i know its not the disk cause when hooked to the pc it works fine just has lip sync, would i be better off tryn out another stand alone hd dvd player? and if so which one is best for under 100 bucks
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