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I don't mean to imply that the occasional lip synch issues I'm seeing are caused by the 571 since I had the same issue with a Sony receiver I returned.

My setup has HDMI routed from my FIOS STB to the receiver and out via HDMI to a Sony XBR 929. Most channels are fine and lip synch is perfect, but a few channels such as a one or two Starz HD channels seem to have random lip synch issues that are annoying. It seems that the video is actually ahead of the audio in most cases and therefore the audio delay settings only make the issue worse.

I tried routing the audio via optical out from the FIOS STB to the receiver, but I saw no real difference. In light of the fact that the video seems to be ahead of the audio when these issues occur, it doesn't seem as if the receiver is at fault. Yet there have been a few instances when I've allowed the audio to be handled only by the TV's speakers by simply turning off the receiver and allowing the ARC to let the TV and its speakers handle the audio.

I can't understand why in some cases this seems to fix the issue. If the audio were ahead of the video, I can see the receiver as being the culprit, but with 2 receivers showing exactly the same symptoms, it seems unlikely the receiver is to blame. Yet it's odd that when the receiver is cut out of the equation and allowed to merely pass the HDMI signal while being off, the lip synch is often fixed.

Anyone have any ideas on this?
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