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Passive 3D is expensive to implement and not used at this time for home theater use. It requires either two projectors with polarizers and proper playback software, or it requires a polarizing wheel with 3D sync capabilities built into the projector. Considering that the projector base price for active 3D projectors starts around $800 and you can pick up 4 pairs of glasses for under $100, then it means a typical family can be watching 3D for well under $1,000.

With passive 3D, you will need a screen which retains the polarization, the polarizing filters or two ($800 ish) projectors to get things going. The glasses are cheaper, but the rest is going to cost a fair bit more money and be more complex to setup for the average user.

As such, 'cheap passive 3D' is not accepted as the industry standard and with prices having dropped so much on active glasses, it is really only active 3D which is supported in most products for home use.

You will have to jump through some expensive hoops for a 'budget' passive setup. Unless you have a family of 20 (or a lot more) it won't actually save you any money.
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