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I just retuned my 1910 for a 2910 and while the threads on here are great, I searched the web for a few hours last night and found little in the way of reviews on either model.

So I thought I would start a thread to list them. Please post links to what you find here. Do not cut and paste entire reviews which of course can be copyrighted.

Its supposed to be such a great player for dvd video and so like Denon's next model up/top model the DVD-3910, that the 3910 review on the Secrets Benchmark was probably the best I could find so far. The player was only just released so there is more to come I am sure.

3910 reviews:
Home Theater and High Fidelity Magazine DVD Benchmark Shootout

No Review but HIGHFIDELITY.COM web mag, with a post with specs and a photo of a silver DVD-3910


CNET Preview and User Feedback Page

Ecoustics Master Review Index of ALL kinds of great things, denon dvd players, and other video and audio equipment

Tossed in for fun, page with huge list of DVD-SA players , prices and photos, up to 75,000$$
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