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List of Divx HD players

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I'm interested in buying a High Definition Divx player. Does anybody know if they output a signal any higher than 720p? Also, for divx files that are standard definition, will an upconverting dvd player (such as the Oppo or another using the Faroudja chip) provide a better picture than a true Divx HD player? Most of my files are not High Def so if these would be displayed better on an upscaler then that would make my decision. Here is a list of Divx HD players that I've found so far (some are probably not available yet). I would love to hear any opionions from any owners who have any of these. Please feel free to add to this list and any likes or dislikes you may have on them.

DVD/Divx HD Players:

Sony VGP-MR100

Bravo D3

Buffalo LinkTheater PC-P3LWG/DVD

ContelDigital DV228N1

KiSS DP-600

I-O DATA: AVeL LinkPlayer2 AVLP2/DVDG (Wireless)


Pinnacle Systems ShowCenter 200

SnaZio Net DVD Cinema HD SZ1350

Quartek WHD500-V9



Xbox 360 (using Transcode 360)

- I've heard the quality is not that good and XBMC on the standard Xbox is much better (although true HD is not supported)

Divx HD Streaming Media Players:

TviX HD M-5000U

Pixel Magic Systems HD Mediabox MB100/MB200

Mvix MV-5000U

Modix HD-3520

Zensonic Z500

Eureka LX350

MediaGate MG-350HD

MediaGate MG-35
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99% sure the OPPO's are DivX certified, so i'd go with one of their models for SD divx playback.

As for HD DivX playback look for the MOMITSU 888N

However this is the HD-DVD forum, so probably not the best place to ask.
Moved to DVD players, but you still may want to ask in the HTPC areas.
I have been using XBox-1 with XBMC for quite some time now and I love it, but its lack of true-HD is annoying on a 50" Plasma.

I would love to know if any of these streaming devices listed above (or elsewhere) can support the Xvid/DivX HD, mkv HD, and raw *.TS HD feeds, etc and handle them as gracefully over my LAN like XBMC does with SD formats.

Thanks for anyone's input on this.

P.S. This thread does not seem to belong in "SD - DVD", since we are talking about HD content? Maybe there is no appropriate forum?
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