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I saw some topics on this, but they were really old topics. So I figured I'd start a new one.

Just getting started with this tonight, but Transformers!

I figured I'd try the 2D>3D conversion with this blu-ray. I've tried a few things but resigned myself to just dealing with my 3D Blu-Rays lol, but I know Transformers was a really high quality transfer. I tried it tonight, and I'm only maybe 15 minutes into it, but it at times looks native 3D. The scene at the beginning is what I most wanted to check out in 3D, when the robot attacks the military base. Especially that way cool part where like 5 trucks explode as an EMP-blast lookin thing emanates out from him. It looked cool, and the linear big blue blasts he shot had a good 3D effect too. One scene had the robot in the background and a 4-engine plane in the foreground, and it almost even had pop-out! I'm excited lol.

Someone mentioned in the old thread that black and white movies worked really good. I'm really excited to try out Sin City Blu-Ray next after seeing that!

Anybody else had particularly good results?
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