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List your best 3d movie scene

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Not sure if this has been discussed before but i'd like you to list which scene from any movie that has either the greatest depth or pop that you have ever seen.

A few examples could be:

--the arm being regenerated in fifth element (superbit)

--Nemo peering through the enamine (sp?)

--check out the scene where frodo first meets up with Gandalf on FOTR, frodo sitting under the tree and gandalfs wagon coming through the forest (nice depth) ...then Gandalf's hat just seems to pop right off the screen. :eek: Awsome

I'm sure there are many many more so let's hear em.
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The opening credits of Friday the 13th part 3 in a movie theater.
appleseed, freakishly 3d
Jaws 3 or which ever one was in 3D. I still remember reaching out and trying to grab a piece of a Jaws' jaw after they blew it up.
The opening sequence over the water in Valiant (new Disney DVD). Great depth and detail.

The opening chase scene in Chronicles of Riddick when they follow him into the crevase.
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The opening credits of Friday the 13th part 3 in a movie theater.
The speargun was cool too!

Shrek2 and Disney's Dinosaur have quite a bit of pop in many scenes. Also the opening sequences in ANH and Gladiator*. And Nutty Professor (1963) scenes at the "Purple Pit".

*May need a display with pretty decent blacks for Gladiator to really pop.
I remember watching "Oh brother where for art though" with George Cloony, but haven't bought it yet... on my regular tv it was insane...the clarity and pop in that movie was unmatched. Not sure why that is, does anyone who owns it agree that almost nothing is out of focus in that flick, even stuff thats way in the background. I just remember watching it and thinking wow, how did they accomplish that.
The lighting of the fire towers atop the mountains in Return of the King, along with the opening 10-15 minutes of Two Towers.

The closeup of the father when he crashes to the ground in Vertical Limit.

The highway crash scene in Final Destination 2.

Various sequences of Apollo 13.
This is perhaps not exactly what you had in mind, but I would go with the opening bedroom scene in the 3D version of The Polar Express. This sticks out in my mind perhaps because:
  • It is an actual 3D scene, and
  • It's one of the first things you see, so the 3D effect is still novel, and
  • The depth of the scene feels so natural - it's there, but it's not calling attention to itself, and
  • There are wonderful little touches like the shadow of the falling snowflakes on the bed
Ugh. I fell asleep to that show. Though I'll admit that the 3D might be interesting.
Great sense of depth in many shots in ROTK, particularly the "helicopter shots" of Minas Tirith.
Nice sense of depth in many shots in ROTK, particularly some of the "helicopter shots" of Minas Tirith.
Shrek 1 - When Donkey & Shrek are walking over the top of a hill then shows Shrek's swamp from the hilltop.
I can still remember the scene when the crew find the fossilized arm of a creature sticking out of a cliff into the camera (with startling music to match) in the original 3D version of The Creature From The Black Lagoon. Later the creature swims right out of the screen. Very scary, but of course I was only 9 years old at the time.
A little off topic, but if you are ever in Las Vegas go to the Luxor and see the Haunted Castle movie. The 3D effects are killer!

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