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Hey everyone,

Looking for some friendly advice...

I've upgraded my speakers to some def techs and need to mount my new center channel on a shelf or stand below the TV...Also selling my Boston Acoustic soundware's if anyone is interested!

I've been looking at various fireplace units / tv bench units that will house my AV components and then be able to accommodate my new center channel (19.5" wide x 7" high x 12" deep) and towers (They will sit beside the TV).

Any advice? I've thought about floating shelves, but then decided against them due to weight and sometimes ugliness...I'm looking at units the same width as the TV in black at roughly 21" high...


$T2eC16ZHJI!E9qSO9fFZBR,Z3EGgG!~~48_20.JPG 71k .JPG file

Thining something like this:
b-wooden-walnut-tv-cabinet.jpg 102k .jpg file


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