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Little Children discussion thread - SPOILERS

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Okay so who's seen Little Children? What did you think?

I'd have to say I liked this one a lot more than In The Bedroom, which I really felt fell into that annoying category of "oh so dramatic for drama's sake" where you can just feel the FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION subtitles in your gut. For whatever reason, this movie actually entertained the hell out of me even though it was just as derivative of recent successful films as his previous work.

Maybe the best way I can say it is this - while I think Todd Field makes a very poor Atom Egoyan, it would appear he makes a pretty decent Sam Mendes? It also probably helps that I hate no American stereotype more than the vacuous, comfortable, and childish world of the upper-middle class suburban yuppie (so watching someone skewer and lampoon them mercilessly for hours felt like good sport).

So yeah, originality, negative score - but execution and individual character performances, big thumbs up. Also, come on folks, not to sound too pathetic but Kate and Jennifer in the same movie!
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I watched this last night. I only rented it because of it's Oscar nod (I usually try to see most films that get Academy attention). It was late when I started to watch it, so surprisingly I ended up staying up for the entire movie. I was actually riveted, waiting to find out what was going to happen next. I would describe this film as 'Desperate Housewives' meets 'Crash'. Plus, you gotta love Kate Winslet.
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wow, is this the only little children thread?

I just watched this last night and was seriously entertained from the opening frames. this was a great pallet cleanser after a few weeks watching the usual summer suck fest currently in theaters - including Transformers, which I have to admit was somewhat entertaining for what it was.

the kate and mr. prom king characters were nicely fleshed out. there was also an interesting supporting set, even considering the chiefly chess like manipulation.

the slutty kay sequence was so awesome, including snapshots of the other office workers after work hobbies. really make one think about the straight laced, buttoned down upper managers at the office. what o what are they into after hours.

anyway, highly recommend giving this a spin. can't go wrong with a jennifer connelly and even a dressed down kate winslet plus a nicely crafted story to boot.
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Great movie. Loved the nature-documentary-like narration.

Originally Posted by Jeff J /forum/post/0

can't go wrong with a jennifer connelly and even a dressed down kate winslet

Dressed down... to nothing!
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the gf was a little confused when I asked her if she needed any help in the laundry room

I definitely have a new appreciation for kate. she does a nice job in the non-lipstick roles without going all Monster on us.
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I really enjoyed this film, though I will repeat what I said when I saw In The Bedroom, which was "I'm not sure what sucks more, that this guy is trying so hard (and failing) to be Atom Egoyan, or that he got an Oscar nod for doing so".

That aside, this is a much more complete film with fewer flaws and of course, who could possibly mind Kate Winslet?

I hope some of the people with silly gender-role-play relationships who talk about "wife approval factor" and think all women can only process Meg Ryan crying (at a low volume) see this and feel a little uncomfortable.
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