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Please redirect if this is the wrong place for a question like this.

I've searched a little for an answer but please just link me to the thread if this has already been discussed.

Like most people, I want it all. I want a single box an UI for the three things I do on my tv. (I'm in the UK so am looking for a solution that works here)

I watch (and pause, record etc) live TV.

I use on demand content like Netflix, iplayer, itv etc

I stream content from a WD MyCloud on the home network, connected via Ethernet.

Right now I do all of this from my PS3 but it's old and as I don't use it for gaming it's a little bit of a waste for something like a PS3. Also the UI is a little clunky and none of the services are integrated well.

Plenty of boxes do two of the above three tasks. Nearly all media streamers now support iplayer, Netflix etc. But I haven't seen one that does Live TV + and The new Youview boxes also completely integrate on-demand, but I can't see any that can also do a decent job of media streaming.

So does it exist? Or is this just a dream of integrated wonder?

(In an ideal world it would also allow me to access my content from NAS using an XBMC style library with trailers etc and also enable my recording of live tv to be saved on the NAS...... But one thing at a time)

Appreciate any help or direction people can give.
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