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I’ve been a longtime Slacker/LiveXLive user, but with so many new and old services adding lossless high resolution audio, I’m starting to think about wandering. I love LiveXLive’s breadth of content and their interface, but I’m not able to learn much about their streaming resolution outside of a simple 320 kbps number that may or may not mean anything.

There’s very little info I’ve been able to find online, and LiveXLive’s support didn’t help much to woo me to stay when I inquired if they had any future intentions of streaming high resolution audio — simply responding with: “There are no plans to raise the audio quality beyond our current quality offerings.” I would have thought they would obfuscate with a “We can’t talk about future feature development”. Strange they were so direct.

Does anyone have insight on LiveXLive’s current streaming resolution? Any thoughts or rumors on what might be in store for the service. They seem shortsighted considering the available alternatives these days.
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