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First, thanks in advance to all that assist in this matter. I have included an attachment to provide a visual.

Objective: Eliminate some clutter. This includes cables & components (HDMI Matrix & Optical Matrix)

My Displays: Sharp TV LC-60LE630U (Bedroom), Samsung TV PN59D550 (Living Room), HT1075 Projector (Living Room)

Speakers: Vizio soundbar SB4021M-A1 (Bedroom), 5.1 surround sound speaker setup (Living Room)

Component: Fire TV ( this component to be connected by HDMI to receiver)

For several years I have been using HDMI matrix & Optical Matrix to deliver results that I want; however I recently purchased a used SC-25. I notice the receiver has two HDMI outputs, as well as, two Optical outputs. With that being said, I was thinking that I could possibly:

Living room I could use one HDMI out, connect that to a HDMI splitter and connect both my projector and Sammy TV. My audio would come out of my 5.1 surround sound powered by my receiver.

Bedroom I could use the second HDMI out and connect to my TV. I could then use 1 Optical out and connect to my Vizio soundbar.

I will also be connecting a PS3, Cable Box & PS4. As stated previously, I fully expect to follow the same connection setup on these.

Should this work? Does anyone have any other solutions? I know I can get all to work with the matrix boxes I have, but it would be nice to eliminate them, as well as, some cables. My biggest concern is connecting the soundbar directly to the receiver.


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