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Long time lurker here and have gained immensely from the knowledge available here. I have finally moved into our new house and planning to setup the home theater in the living room, I know that it is not the ideal setup but I don't have the room/space for a dedicated HT setup. The house is not pre-wired and that is part of the problem.

The living room is open floor concept so it is pretty big as it extends to the kitchen. I would like to know what kind of audio setup is needed considering the open floor plan. I like the Klipsch sound but am not sure of what setup is needed to achieve optimum sound. I don't have enough space behind the couch to place the rear speakers although I think I can fit in a stand but not sure about this as the rear speakers will then be close to seating.

So, is it a good idea to ceiling mount the rear surrounds above the couch? As I mentioned earlier the house is not pre-wired, so I'm not sure if running wires will spoil the look of the living room. Is wireless surround a option? If yes, any suggestions on that? Lastly, my budget is 3K for the sound setup.

I have the video part figured out as I'm already projecting to the wall from a projector on the coffee table in front of the couch. I plan to mount the projector above the couch as well.

I have attached a picture of the floor plan hope it helps in providing suggestions.
HTplan.png 43k .png file

It would be great if you guys can chip in with your suggestions and ideas as at this point I'm not sure about anything


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