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Hello all who are interested and thanks to everyone who helps giving advice and answers questions.

I don't have the space for a dedicated HT room so the living room it is. From around 2+ years I have a setup that consists of 2x Dali Zensor 5s, 1x Zensor vokal, 2x Zensor 1s for sides, 2x Alteco C1 uprifing modules, 1x PB-1000 and a denon 1400h.
Here are some pictures. They are a bit old, the room has some changes but this is what it looks like now:

My plan is to build 2x Dayton um18-22s sealed (because of space) put the pb-1000 behind the couch for shake duty (if necessary) and put a projector by the end of this year. I also want to DIY my speakers as well and put a 5.1.4 or even a 7.1.4. Something like the surrounds Javs build but with a cheaper HF driver, probably a horn. Will need a new receiver, something that can process 11 channels so a 3600h or something newer next year.

Everything in the pictures above is gonna be re-avenged. The fridge is no longer there. The furniture that the TV is sitting on will move to the right side of the couch. The furniture from the right side will go to the left side of the couch. That furniture that is on the left side of the TV where the AVR is sitting will be moved to the second floor and the one on the left of that will go in the corner.
Here comes one of the problems. There isn't anything for the TV to sit on so the plan was to buy a wall mount. The wall is a fake one (long story), the wooden beams behind it are spread so it can't hold a TV by itself. So.... my father decided to put some wooden beams on the ceiling like these ones

and continue them on the wall as well (from ceiling to floor). This way there will be a place where the wall mount of the TV can be attach to. They will be a 14x14cm (5.5x5.5 inch) beams.
A pull down screen will be used for the projector and i should be able to fit a 120 inch 16:9 screen there. Because the TV will be wall mounted i will move the center to the bottom of where the pull down screen will go. The left and right speakers are gonna be sitting on top of the two subs and will be placed right against the sides of the screen.

Here is a 3d sketch on what it would look like.

Room size is 10m (32.8f) by 5m (16.4f) and it consist of a living room and a kitchen/dining room. Both are separated buy a small "ridge". The living "room" is a 6m (19.6f) by 5m(16.4f). Ceilings are 2.6m(8.5f) high. I won't be able to fit 2x 500-600 (17.6-21.1 cu ft) liter ported boxes here so i have to make them sealed.
I plan on making the subs internal volume at 150 liters (5.3 cu ft) and stuffing it. Will be build out of 1.8cm (0.7in) thick MDF and painted black.

This is the link to the DIY subs thread: here

I won't talk about a projector for now because i want to save up some money before i plan on getting something (new projectors might come). I hope i will have enough at around October / November.

Will add more info on the way.
Also i will try to create a list with link to posts on interesting topics and pictures so people won't have to search.

Dali Zensor 5 -> DIY speakers
Dali Zensor vokal -> DIY speakers
Dali Zensor 1 -> DIY speakers
Dali Zensor alteco c1 -> DIY speakers
2x UM-18-22
1x behringer nx6000 or 2x nx3000s
Mini DPS 2x4HD.
Denon 1400h -> 3600h or higher
120 inch screen, probably an elite screens because they are actually available in the country.
A projector

It's gonna take a looong time, i will try to put a much pictures as i can.

Again thanks for everyone who will be a part of this project :)

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Ok we have more progress. I've panted the ceiling. That had to be done before i put the wooden beams on top.

Both subs are finished (working still need to fix some cosmetics issues) click HERE for the post that has graphs. Will add videos when i have more time alone.

Here is the before, after and what is planned.

Basically everything moves to the left by 20cm or 8 inches. The furniture where the TV is standing will go away, there will be a DIY table / raft that will hold all the equipment. The TV will be wall mounted.
The height channels are there temporary, they are soo weak that you can't even hear them. They will be place mid center when the wooden beams are placed and will stay there until i DIY some speakers to replace them.
The denon 3700h came out so when the AVR change needs to be done it will be with this unit. I need 11 channels of processing.
Both subs will be symmetrical on the left and right (no where else to place them). The LR will stay on top of the subs. They don't wobble that much :p.
The pb-1000 will go upstairs for PC sub.

Next step will have quite a few changes. Hope i can start working on this next month.
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