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Hello perhaps some of you folks on here can help us. We'd like to change the layout of our living room. Room Dimensions are 17.5' wide by 22' long (but effectively 18.5' since 3.5 is consumed by the staircase.) Walls are a light blue.

Currently it looks something like the Image below labeled LivingRoom As Is. The screen is of course on the far left wall. All the AV components including the projector are on the 1/2 wall (4ft high) on the right side of the room. The components for the most part are in a cabinet next to the love seat, while the projector is mounted on top of the 1/2 wall.

If we change the layout to the one marked New Layout, what would be the best way to wire the room. The corner surround sound speakers are already wired in. We'd like to keep the majority of the components in the grey storage area pictured on the right side by the 1/2 wall. The projector would be mounted on the left wall above the sectional sofa. However, ripping up flooring or drywall is not a viable option, so if that is required by the best way, then we'd also like opinions on the recommended way. We also have a peaked vaulted ceiling in this room 11' high in the centre & 8' to the left & right.

For Components we have the following:

Panasonic AE900U Projector

Panasonic DVD Player

Panasonic SA-XR55 Receiver

Nintendo Wii

Western Digital WD TV

Starchoice HD Satellite Dish (to be acquired for my birthday this winter)

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