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Hi all, first time poster here.

As of late, my 6700 has developed a stutter during playback via USB, be it flash drive or hard drive. It's almost as if it is struggling to cache, or is trying to cache too much, because I can see constant hard drive activity as the external's light is flashing way more than it used to.

It couldn't have been triggered by a firmware update as I haven't done one for some time (I cannot recall the current version right now, but will report back).

All my drives are formatted NTFS and not severely fragmented. I've tried all the available USB ports but they all behave the same. Drives are a self-powered 320gb 2.5" and a 2tb 3.5" enclosure.

Scanning through the board, I have seen that some other owners have experienced this too, but has anybody managed a fix yet?

Thanks very much for reading.

[Edit] My apologies for posting in the incorrect location!
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