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Ln-t3242h Vs. Tc-32lx700

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I recently bought a Samsung LN-T3242H because it was on sale and am reasonably satisfied with the picture. I have, however, noticed that it does have motion blur on some fast pans and also some color banding, especially on dark gradients. I realize that I am going to have some motion blur no matter what on an LCD but as the two main things I want to do with this set are watch football and play video games I would like to minimize this as much as possible. Looking around the forum and at spec sheets it seems like the only other option likely to give me better handling of motion is the Panasonic TC-32LX700 with its 6ms response time and 120hz. Can anyone attest to the fact that motion is better on the Panasonic? If that is the case is the picture quality around the same? A few other things I would like to know are:

Can the Panasonic do 1:1 pixel mapping from a PC through DVI to HDMI?

Are there any serious problems with the picture I haven't been able to find?

Has anyone noticed any input lag while playing video games?

Sorry if I was long winded, I appreciate any responses.
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I've owned the LX700 since last November and haven't seen any motion blur at all. I'm amazed at how good HD football looks. I did notice that dark movies with blacks and grays seemed to have a blotchy appearance as if the TV didn't know how to accurately show the correct color. I believe they call the problem "black crush". Well I've recently found out that this wasn't my TV at all but my Dish via Dish Network. After just being upgraded to another HD receiver for this TV in November, I noticed the picture recently also dropping completely out but knew it wasn't my TV. They replaced something on the end of my dish that enabled the signal to be a little stronger and a lot more stable. Well long story short is that now all the channels, SD and HD, don't show the blotchy appearance in dark movies any longer. This was really starting to bother me which I couldn't understand since others with this TV said there is no "black crush" problem that other LCD TV's have. I now know this is true and strongly recommend others to complain to their dish provider if their picture isn't the best. The tech said the failure rate on the part replaced on the dish is high.
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i will second what the previous poster said regarding the LX700. I have noticed zero motion blur watching NFL football games in hd with comcast cable via the internal Qam tuner. HD sports are stunning on this panel. Black levels are fine for an Lcd panel. The only problem you may have is finding one! Inventory is running out since Panny's 2008 Lcd panels are debuting in approx. a couple of months.
Thanks for the responses, I'll probably take a game system in to best buy and compare these two sets side by side. Does anyone know if there is a chance that best buy will let me use a coupon while the TV is on sale? Also can anyone comment on whether this TV can do 1:1 pixel mapping through DVI to HDMI?
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