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Hello, I have an LN-T5271F (firmware 1007), that is hooked up to my HTPC. My problem: when the HTPC goes to sleep, I just get the "Weak Or No Signal" box, and the TV doesn't automatically turn off. (To be clear, because it confused the Samsung rep, it DOES turn off if I hit the button). I just want this to remediate when I walk away from my HTPC (and forget to turn off monitor), that it doesn't keep drawing power when there is no signal. Such an "auto-off feature" is standard for my other 2 screens from the same year (2007). If I shut the DVD player off, it will say "Auto shutoff in 3 minutes due to no signal", then 2 minutes, etc, until it is shut off. IF this TV does not have such a feature, is there such a thing as an HDMI passthrough, that will pass the signal to the TV, but then turn off the TV (after a delay) when there is no signal?
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