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Originally Posted by JB2007 /forum/post/14213280

Are these the same just that the 540 is for Costco? Or is the 540 picture better? Can someone please tell me the difference between the two? Many Thanks & Happy 4th!

I just tested the 540 against my 550. Other then the 540 being a 720P panel it performed very well against the 550 with the 1080P panel. The 540 has a slightly sharper picture and the colors had more pop. So no doubt the 540 is a great 720P panel. My test was not scientific and not done in ideal conditions but non the less the 540 looked great.

I can't compare it with the 450 but I suspect its much the same. One of these days someone will compare both I am sure.

The 540 is torn down and put back in the box. Its a birthday gift from mom and myself to dad and its going to be gift wrapped. I won't have an opportunity to play with it anymore.
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