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I have found that motion flow on medium does nice work in general on content from my Directv HD unit. As far as 1080P BR content goes, I have to make the following choice and I am really not happy with either. After goin through cal and what not, I find that I get the soap opera effect even with AMP on low and Auto 1. If I turn it off, I get motion sickness watching this thing. I figured that my plasma was three years old and that the motion issues with LCD would have been much better by now.

So it's either pre-production look or IMO very disturbing motion issues.

The detail this set provides is outstanding but at what cost?

Its either jaw dropping colors and whites + unacceptable motion and synthetic imagery issues or dim washed out look of plasma without the motion sickness. If the 700U had a bright screen, I would put it two levels above the XBR and this unit.
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