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Hi guys, I am having this problem and it is driving me nuts. I have had this model for almost a year and have tried every possible thread I have found to calibrate it properly. At first I thought it was artifacts from the movie itself but after trying many different blu-rays I can't seem to eliminate the problem. I have tried the infamous ( http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showpost.php?p=11287410&postcount=1500"]1499 thread) as well as most of the settings on the 550 calibration tread. But I still can't eliminate the dancing. I have tried adjusting the contrast, sharpness,and most of the digital enhancements (ie. black adjust, dynamic contrast) and nothing has changed. Does anyone have any settings out there that settle the pixels?

I currently have it wall mounted in my basement with very little light other then from my fishtank in the corner. I sit about 9 feet from the unit. If any of that information is useful. Oh and I have the 1008 firmware.
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