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You have probably read several of my previous posts. I am still undecided if I am going to keep this set. One of my bigger concerns at the moment is certain content has real bad motion issues, so bad it's not even viewable. For example, Mr. and Mrs. Smith is on FOX HD right now. It's hitting my set at 1080i. The motion is so bad that there a trails on any movement. It was the same on this movie yesterday on the same channel. Now other HD content can display this behavior, but usually not as extreme. FoxHD seems to be the worst. Is it my directv that is partly responsible? Are other people experiencing this? I can live with flashlighting and motion blur to an extent but this is fairly rediculous. I want to investigate before I blame the set further. I will note that I switched to directv HD from regular cableHD and the picture was much better, so it's hard to imagine it's my feed but you never know. Thanks
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