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A few days ago I crossed the border from Canada to the US to buy this wonderful 52' LCD set (amazing picture). They don't sell it anymore in Canada for business reasons and the only way to get it is to actually go get it in the states.

Picture's jaw-dropping, excellent & everything; just two days ago though it started making that 2-3 seconds buzzing sound when I do a cold-start (bzzz for 2-3-4 seconds and then it powers up & everything's fine). I can turn it off and back on and it's ok; just does it on cold starts. Seems to do it more when it's cold (it's in my basement so around 14-15 celcius sometimes). I've seen this same problem reported dozens of times here, but noone seems to report actual consequences, aside from the startup noise. Btw, it's clearly not the relay switching on and off; hence I'm not sure the common 'changing capacitor' solution applies.

As I said the TV's brand new. I don't feel like doing the drive across the border again and returning it; moreoever, you almost can't find those anymore.

1. Is this something I should really worry about? (my plan is to wait a few weeks to see if it gets any worse).

2. I'm in Canada & I bought the TV from the US, so warranty is kind of an issue. On my limited warranty it says "... bought in Canada, used in Canada ...". So looks like I would be sol. But on the user manual, first page it says: "... SAMSUNG will additionally provide Warranty Repair Service in the United States on SAMSUNG products purchased in Canada, and in Canada on SAMSUNG products purchased in the United States, for the warranty period originally specified, and to the Original Purchaser only.".

I did call Samsung Canada and they didn't seem too kind on wanting to provide service "if it was a US model" (I did explain him they'd sold the same model before but he didn't really want to listen). I didn't call Samsung US, but I'm guesing I'd get something similar. Anyways.

My plan was to: get an extended 3-year mack that will start on the 91st day, keep the TV as it is now (it always turns on, it does not have further consequences now), and if between the 91st and 3year mark it does prevent the TV from turning on, then use the mack warranty. Is this a good plan?

Has anyone had experience with buying in US, requesting service in Canada with Samsung products? Anyone else has had this similar issue with the TV and toughed it out (for how long has it been running like that)?

Thnx everybody.
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