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Up for sale is a LNIB Energy Veritas V5.2C Center Channel speaker in black. Long since sold out in this color particularly. This speaker has single digit hours total of use. Bought it to use with my Reference Connoisseur setup but as soon as it came in, I bought a RC-LCR.

Preferred this speaker with my Connoisseur setup since it addressed the main weakness of the RC's of muffled dialogue in movies/watching TV, however the fiancee prefers the matching appearance of the RC-LCR so this simply sat in a box for the day I was able to upgrade to a full Veritas setup which never materialized.

Lowballers will be ignored. If somebody out there has a set of the matching Veritas bookshelves, I would be interested in the pair to match this center.

This is the full set:

- White handling gloves
- Speaker
- Boxes, all packing materials
- Port plug
- Magnetic grille (Unopened - it's still sealed in the box it came in)
- Booklets

Local pickup in Toronto

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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