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I know this is a HT forum, but since you are a knowledgable bunch, I will try my luck. I am purchasing an 06 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with the Boston Acoustics Premium Sound.

Oddly, this system does not come with a subwoofer. I am planning to add a JL Stealthbox and have a couple questions.

1) Do you think I could connect my LOC to the factory Amp as opposed to splicing the speakers? I have spliced speakers in prior cars, and it works fine, but, I would prefer to connect to the amp because it is simples easier.

2) Anybody have any reviews on the JL Stealthbox? I love the space saving, and design, BUT I have never demo'd before.

Any help is greatly appreciated, and I apologize for bringing car audio into play on my favorite A/V site. Thanks!
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