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Well, I went down to my local big name franchise to look at TVs today, been a while since I have made a purchase, so I'd forgotten why I never go to places like this without my Ipod in.

I have pretty much decided the TV I want - its a 52" LED LCD from Sharp. I asked the guy if he stocked it, he didn't, but he then queried why I want LED anyway, because 'the HDTV broadcast here is not 1080p anyway'
Instead, he suggested I get a cheaper fluro backlit TV and he could sell me a HT Receiver and speaker package, with upscaling to 1080P so I 'can enjoy the full capabilities' of my new TV
He also tried to dissuade from that screen size, not even interested in the fact that this TV is replacing my projector so I am about to suffer a screen reduction of 45% anyway!!

Aside from the fact I have a Denon/Dynaudio HT at home and he was trying to push me to Sony, I couldn't believe this guy was actually drawing this correlation between screen resolution and the backlighting technology in use. I defninitely dont have my finger on the pulse lately when it comes to Displays, but I hate to think how badly the bulk of people are being misled by salespeople like this, in stores like this!
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