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Local Sat & Cable HDTV?

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Ok, I currently live in Southern Illinois and have the HD package from DirecTV with the Hr10-250 receiver. Our directv here carries no local HD channels....yet and if I add the Mediacom cable HD package just to get locals in HD they only have NBC & CBS. The do not carry Fox or ABC in HD yet. I've tried a few of the OTA antennas for local HD channels and they are just not enough since I'm so far away form some of the stations.

I'm trying to decide what is the best and cheapest way to get local HD channels. Since D*tv seems to be ramping up their HD package I might want to wait for them before spending a lot of time and money on an OTA antenna setup.

Since you guys seem to know more than D*tv and the cable companies before they do I thought I would ask here to see what the professional opinion is of when D*TV will actually start rolling out this new HD package and if I should wait for them or if it would be better to spend the money on an OTA setup?

Thanks for your input : )
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Check the local thread for your area to see what others in your area are doing as far as the local HD channels.
I have a local thread for my area? How do I find it?

We are a small area in the sticks so I'd be shocked if we even have a thread.
It would help if you give the town where you live and the zip code. Look under local

reception right above HD programming.
Found it. Thanks!!! : )
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