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Location of BD drive...server or HTPC case?

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I was going to install an Asus BD drive into my new HTPC but got to thinking (oh, no!
) if it would make more sense to install it in my server, which is where I'll be storing my ripped movies anyway. I still have a Sony BD (stand alone) that I can keep in the TV room if I'd like to just play a disc. How have you folks approached this? My plan is to just rip any new title to the server when I buy it, then store the disc away. Thanks!
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I rip everything on my desktop workstation and then transfer to the server after I gather all the metadata and backdrop images into a folder.
Me too. Especially as the HTPC is easy to get to and so the rip can be done while I do other tasks.
I guess it's a matter of what ever is more convenient for you. My BD drive is in my server which is located in my basement. Kinda a pain having to run up and down the stairs when I'm ripping movies but hey, thats what kids are for!! (Actually, my HTPC doesn't have a drive slot so it was the way I had to go anyway...)

I think I'll go with the server install, too. I can easily access it while I'm working at my desk, letting me work and play (rip) at the same time.
Thanks all!
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