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AVS Members,


I live in Houston, Texas and have a Loewe Aconda 38".

I purchased it new and have enjoyed it for movies, not much commercial tv.

Originally calibrated by Steve Martin of Dallas, Texas.

The power supply failed (a common Loewe problem) and I recently purchased the Loewe 291-90415.900 repair kit, but have not installed it. The instructions are clear and easy to follow and will not pose a problem for anyone familiar with a soldering iron and high voltage. I also have the complete Loewe service manual and remote for the unit.


Since I have moved on to a plasma display, I would like to find someone in the greater Houston area that would enjoy owning this wonderful CRT based display. It would be a shame to put this pristine unit in the trash.


I would like to offer the Aconda to an interested member of this AVS community.

My only expectation is that the recipient pay me $50 for the Loewe repair kit (my cost),

and that they come and get the unit. It will require that they bring a truck, SUV or van with two (2) strong individuals. The unit weighs ~240 pounds.


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