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Bought a used Loewe Credo with subwoofer stand.
When I started the unit I got a ticking interference sound in the left main speaker.
I noticed when I pressed the metal aprature grille in the front it disappeared.
Then I saw that there is a small electrical bridge(spark) between the grille and the corner of the metal sliding plate covering the on/off button. This is a spring loaded hatch and not electric.

I wonder how can there be a electrical bridge between thise two components.
The grille is fixated in the plastic front panel and the metal hatch is also fixated in the front. Nothing electric connected to the components.

When I ensure clearance between the grille and the hatch there is no clicking interferense in the speakers.

Could it be static electricity from the TV screen that is somehow transfered to the grille and cause electrical bridge?

Otherwise the TV set is working flawlessly and is absolutey a wonder too look at and listen to :)
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