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Logitech 5500 or Onkyo S790 for PC.

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Hi guys, well I just found a nice deal on the logitech 5500, I can get them for $244 shipped (cheapest in a while). I done research and skipped the klipsch or the Creative Labs system because they have a high failure rate. So my question is which should I get for my pc (I do own a home theather cable kit to connect it to), Its all down to logitech 5500 for $244 or the Onkyo S790 for around $400? Would I see that much difference from a pc speaker set than a home theather system? I tried hooking up a 200watt yamaha receiver, really old, to the x-fi platinum and the volume was not loud, and was distorted I was running the receiver half way up and the pc sound card throtle 55-56%, could be due to that it's an old receiver, sound great on the tv even if it's running strained.
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There are different ways to look at this, but sound quality wise, I would say there is a fairly big difference between computer speakers and home audio gear. I've never heard the Onkyo's but I have seen some reviews on them.

In the past I've tried Logitech Z680s (couldn't stand them: boomy bass, poor highs and lower mids), Klipsch ProMedia Ultra 5.1 (much better) and I've done a side-by-side comparison between the Klipsch and the Athena Micra6 (which I still own). I can tell you the Athena Micra 6 are noticeably better than the Klipsch. Of course, once you factor in the receiver, they are also more expensive.
I use the 5500 for my home theatre. In general, I'm satisfied. One bug I discovered, however, is that the mute function fails to mute the sub-woofer when listening to DD5.1 material via the optical input. Weird, huh? Logitech insists it's a defect rather than a bug and they also won't cross-ship me a replacement; they want me to send them my control unit and wait for them to send me a new one. Since I mostly use the coax digital input, I'm just living with it.

Another issue I've recently run into is with my new Logitech Harmony remote. Apparently, the 5500 does not have Power-On and Power-Off remote-control commands, it only has a Power-Toggle command. This is a real pain since the remote doesn't always know if the 5500 is on or off when I tell it to switch modes (TV vs HTPC vs DVD).

sound quality wise, I'm satisfied though I agree the bass is boomy.
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Man this is tough, I also looked at the infinity primus 150 and a receiver, but I would run outta budget and no subwoofer.


Logitech 5500

Onkyo S750

Creative labs S750

Klipsch promedia ultra 5.1
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How loud do you want the system to be? How big a room are you trying to "fill"? Is this going to be the main set of speakers for a home theatre or mainly for use with a PC? For music, gaming, movies?

I have been using Klipsch for years (multiple systems) and am partial to them based on multiple side-by-side tests. Their ability to clearly project voices on movies (center channel) has always been the difference maker for my home theatre. However, I must say that I use "standard" speakers, not the 5.1 satellites. For that application, I use Bose (again, based on side-by-side tests). I have never had the slightest problem with products from either company. If I did, I am confident they would take care of it. What "failure rate" on Klipsch are you referring to?
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