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Been waiting for a decent price on these. This is a little bit of work, but should be available for most:

If you are familiar with Microsoft Bing Cashback program, log in to Bing, and do a search on something like Nintendo Wii (to show the "earn 8% cashback" ad, which you click on) to qualify for the 8% cashback on Buy It Now products listed on eBay.

Check your eBay account (Messages) for a 15% off coupon. I think this was sent out to everybody (correct me if I am wrong)

Find the 100% feedback power seller on eBay that has tons of these listed at $199, shipped.


$199 - 15% = $169.15

$16 cashback for using Bing = $153

- $2 bonus bucks = around $150

The only better deal on these was when MS Live had their cashback % at 30% and you could get these new for around $120 (but that was back in December I think - I doubt we will see those levels again)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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