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I recently purchased a Harmony Ultimate for a client's home theater and have been having some issues.

A little background:

The hub is controlled about 20-30 feet from the remote in another room and is kept in a hung metal AV cabinet.

He has a projector, so I spiced the IR cable to allow commands over a CAT5E which I have done before.

The first remote worked for about a week with no issues, than the customer called to tell me that the remote wouldn't control all of the devices correctly and would be stuck starting the Watch TV activity. I verified this and tried all troubleshooting steps, re-syncing, re-pairing, everything. In that issue the hub would continually have it's connection light go from Red to Green in cycles. I returned the remote and was able to get another under warranty.

After setting up the second remote, again everything has been working until this week:

Now we are about two weeks later and the issue has returned on the new remote. The client goes to hit the Watch TV activity and the remote stays in starting up the activity screen and has been for a week. As mentioned above, resetting the remote or hub does not seem to resolve the issue.

I am thinking either the hub does not like being in the metal cabinet, however I don't understand why it will work for a week or so than stop. Or, it doesn't like the spliced wire for the IR cable to the projector.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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