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Logitech Smart Control and HU8550

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Smart control and HU8550
Just got my smart control today after hearing the great reviews, and so far setup hasnt been that bad. One thing I can not figure out though is how to program a "Enter" or "Select" button properly to use with my Samsung HU8550. I have a comcast cable box, and my cable guide shows up using the Samsung TV guide very nicely and prefer it to the comcast box guide. The only issue is I can not seem to set the Smart Control's OK button to work as an "Enter" or "Select" to choose what I see on screen (either a channel in the guide, or a menu option).

I've manually set the button to both "Enter" and "Select" but neither work. Even the defualt button setup doesnt seem to have an Enter key. The buttons work fine when using the comcast box to view and change channels in the guide, but not in the Samsung TV guide, yet the Samsung controller works just fine choosing channels, the harmony does not.

Thanks in advance!
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