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Hello all,

Got a question I just want to put out there, and see what people opinions are.

Sorry for the long read, just trying to paint the picture.

I have been running a logitech z-680 system for my surround sound now for quite some time (link below)


With the advent of hdmi creeping into all aspects of my home theater setup and blu ray technology. I need a receiver to handle it all. Whilst trying to use what I already have for as long as I can.

I have a samsung led TV, the pictures fine but for $1600 I only got 2hdmi ports. Pretty weak samsung.

Rest of my gear is xbox360 a WDTV live box with hard drive containing all my dvd rips so far. With future plans to integrate a blu ray player, upgrade hard drive to a NAS then build a HTPC to change out the WDTV. And of course upgrade the speakers All of this to take place as funds become available.

One might ask why bother with the blu ray, just rip and use the WDTV / HTPC. Simple really as tech forward as I make the set up I still want to have the low tech back up. Case and point, I host a movie night and the media centre cant find the NAS on the network. No problem, pull out the DVD or blu ray, and hit play. Worry about the problem the next morning.

Back to it

The logitech system only has 1 toslink input so I'm constantly switching the cable over from the WDTV and Xbox360 when I need to use the surround sound.

I want to get the Pioneer VSX527 av receiver (link below)


I like this receiver as its 5.1 suits me as we dont have the room for 7.1 or 9.1 (I'm in a rental house) The unit has enough hdmi ports to cover everything now and future, contains an ethernet port and best of all passive passthrough. In standy all hdmi signals will reach the tv. Its a glorified hdmi switcher.

For the short term, would it be ok to run the logitech speakers with the pioneer amp, excluding the sub. I have access to a wharfedale sub from many years ago that can be slotted into the mix.

The specs on the logitech system are as follows (taken from the manual)

Total rms power 505 watts

Sub 188 watts rms

Satellites 317 watts rms

fronts & rears - 4 x 62 w

center 69 w

It then states "into 8ohms at 1 KHz at 10% THD

Total peak power 1000 watts

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Yes, it can be done. Although you do NOT want to connect the sub, but you have that handled already. Simply connect them with adequate speaker wire. You can leave the AVR set at 8 ohms.

Be careful, as the AVR coluld easily damage these speakers. But again, you're aware of that.
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