A few days ago, Logitech posted an announcement in its support site where it confirmed what were until then rumors that the company was preparing to wind down manufacturing of its Harmony remote products. With the confirmation comes an assurance from the company that will continue to provide support for existing customers, which includes platform updates and adding devices to the Harmony database.

There is still product out in retail channels, and it will continue to be available until the day comes when it isn't.

Logitech says that they expect this announcement to have no impact on its current customers. For example, it does not change the warranty offered on Harmony products. In a FAQ, Logitech explicitly states that the company's goal is to "keep service running as long as customers are using it". It mentions updates for android and iOS apps, and the continued availability of the support team.

While perhaps for most TV viewers this is not big news, AVS Forum certainly has a relatively high proportion of Harmony remote users, with systems that leverage the programmability of these sophisticated remote controls. It will be interesting to see if this decision spurs people to find a new solution, or if Harmony remotes will enjoy a long-tail effect and Logitech keeps its promises.

Want to grab a Harmony remote before they are all gone? Here's a link...

Logitech Harmony Smart Control

Self contained, comes with app. You choose how you control your system, with the remote or the app. Comes with Harmony Hub to control devices located in cabinets etc. This includes gaming consoles.


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