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Logitech Z-5500 -- Drawbacks?

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Reviews seem to all just say they're good PC multimedia speakers, not good home theatre speakers. Why is that? Seems like good sound is good sound, whether it's computer sound or TV sound.

It looks like the inputs are limited, versus a typical receiver... but can't I just use my TV's optical out and let the TV handle all the inputs? Will sound quality suffer if I do this, as opposed to sending the input directly to the speakers?

Another slight concern is that I'm in an apartment where I have to be considerate of neighbors. It sounds like the Z-5500s have "thunderous bass", is that going to be neighbor-bothering bass? I don't want to spend $230 only to have neighbors tell me not to use it...
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I use it in my apartment. While its bass is strong, I wouldn't say it's thunderous. I do keep it at about 30% power though. It's a good set of speakers. I chose it for the ability to use in my laptop setup and for my PS3 home theater.
Sorry to bump, but would the Onkyo HTIB model HT-S4100S be a better buy? It's cheaper, $160.


The Logitech 5500s are around $330 after tax and shipping on Amazon, but people here seem to like Onkyo.

Originally Posted by Koggit /forum/post/15405628

... but can't I just use my TV's optical out and let the TV handle all the inputs?

Probably not, because most TVs only put a 5.1 signal on their optical outputs for signals from their ATSC tuners, not other inputs.
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