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Hi there, I just went to my closet and remembered I tossed my z2300 behind all my stuff, and thought I could try to diagnose the issue. The left channel is very weak on any speaker, but everything else is perfect, apart from a scratchy volume knob (replace the pot would prob fix that). However, I'm seeing control pod bypass cables on ebay, and wondered if I could make my own. This is the link to the schematics (I don't understand schematics)


I thought I could connect SLine into a 3.5mm jack and hook it up to my PC as a subwoofer, and hook up front speakers separately. Would this work, or short anything out? Also if this does work, which ground wire would I use? (the choices are SGND for audio/signal ground, PGND for power ground, and I see a separate wire going to SHIELD).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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