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I couldn't find an answer to my problem below on web, neither in these forums, so decided to start a new thread.


Here it comes:


When I connect my mobile phone (HTC One) with green 3.5mm jack, I can get sound from all speakers (Simulated surround)


When I connect my PS3 system, through Headphones output on my HD LCD TV with the same cable, I can get sound from all speakers (Simulated surround), when I navigate through PS3 system menu and when I play a game.


When I play a video file from my PS3 system, I can only get sound from Front R, Front L and Centre speakers, regardless from the audio track type those videos have. (2.1, 3.1, 4.1 nor 5.1)


I checked sound options on my TV and PS3, but couldn't solve the problem.


Being %100 confident about the connections I've made and results I received; I would like to kindly ask for your advise about my issue.


Thanks in advance.
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