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I decided to write this post due to the fact that no one could give anyone a straight answer on this. straight answer regarding this. the person who did help me @rvcjew. I had to work some things out for myself but I just want to dispel the myth of using PC speakers with an av receiver.

Now I am no audiophile, but let me tell you, my Logitech z506s sound so much better with the receiver its unreal. I cant believe how different they sound. From searching this forum and looking for advice you would think that they would sound terrible the way people carry on, but that isn't the case at all.

I just want to explain my experience.Many people may disagree with me, I was so close to buying new passive speakers but the matter of fact is that the Logitech z506s sound awesome with this receiver....

A few points

1) Although I used my Z506s, I would suggest that you either use a 5.1 set with the power button on the back (rather than on the front right speaker) as you will need to cut that wire to get the positive and negative wire. doing this means that you have no way to power on the subwoofer. A 5.1 set with the power button on the back of the receiver is my suggestion

2) For all the 5 speakers I cut the ends of and found the positive and negative wires and put those directly to the receiver. For the front right speaker that has a DB9 connector cable on the end I did same. It is easy to find the positive and negative speaker wires in this because the two wires are thicker and separate from the other wires. They are white and grey

3) If using the Logitech z506s, make sure you buy another speaker (anyone apart from the centre will do) This is because you will need the front right speaker to turn it on. Unfortunately that point hadn't crossed my mind until I had cut the wires! However I had a spare pc sub which I am using at this moment and I have orderd a new right speaker (£12) (not for sound, but solely for the purpose of turning the sub on and off).

If you are a budding electrician, you could probably buy a new db9 connector, work out the wires and connect them to a switch.

4) The subwoofer just connects to the subwoofer pre out on the back. I did this by getting a 3.5mm to RCA lead. Plug the 3.5mm into the subwoofer in the "Centre/Subwoofer" channel and then one of the two RCAs will take the subwoofer signal. the other one im guessing takes the centre signal. Try both in the subwoofer preout channel on the back of the receiver. One of them will work

5) On the receiver set the speakers to "Small Speakers" and it sounds fantastic. The reason I think this works is because although the set is seen as an "ACTIVE / POWERED" Speaker set once you cut the end of the speaker wires of and connect them to the receiver, they are now being powered by the receiver and not buy the amp in the subwoofer. When you buy the speakers you buy them as a set and therefore they are called active / powered speakers, however the speakers themselves are not actually active. only the subwoofer is. Also I have read in some places that some sets like this actually have mini amplifiers inside the speakers themselves. Not 100% sure if this is the case.

Anyways I just wanted to write this to share my experience of using my pc speakers with an av receiver. I know some audiophiles on here will probably tell me im stupid however I know how good they sound and if you have a decent pc speaker set, I don't see any point in going out and buying new speakers for 500 +.One suggestion however is to make sure you have the power button for the sub on the back of the sub itself! Not on the bloody front right speaker (damn you Logitech!)
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