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Hello all!

I have a Logitech Z-5500 sound system and the subwoofer broke. :-(

I decided to order a new subwoofer and bought a 300w RMS cone, however I have been sent the wrong model.. Now I have this...

Pioneer Championship Series Pro TS-W2502D4 10" - 3000w 800w RMS, dual 4 ohm voice coils (bridged to 8ohm)

Basically this new subwoofer is too powerful for the amp, which only sends 180w RMS to the subwoofer. Also, I need to build a new box for the amplifier.

What amplifier would I need to power the speakers and this ridiculous sub cone?

I will add information regarding dimensions for sub box etc soon.

Videos of other peoples Logitech Z-5500 Transformations

Pioneer Subwoofer Replacement

Ported custom sub box

Vented custom sub box

Awesome speaker enclosures

Another great speaker enclosure design (Transmission Line for Satellite speakers) + loud demo

many thanks :DD
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