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Long 30' HDMI Cable recommendation for 4k/60hz? and HDMI Splitter?

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I want to hookup my PC's 4k monitor to my PS5 at the same time my PS5 is hooked up to my TV.
This will allow me to switch between TV/PC Monitor depending on who is in the living room.

Unfortunately, this means I have to run a 30' HDMI Cable AND get a compatible HDMI Splitter.

I know there can be issues with the signal at this distance, so quality cables are necessary.

Does anybody here have any recommendations for decent cables and a splitter that is ideally available on Amazon.ca?

Remote Play sucks, I don't want to do that option.

Thank you.
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My AVR has a built-in matrix switch and I think I'm using an 18ft Monoprice Certified cable, but 30ft is pushing it and I'm not sure a passive cable would be sufficient at that length.
I know for hdmi 2 monoprice made active cables for longer distances. I would see if they exist for hdmi 2.1 yet.

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