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Long HDMI Cables do make a difference! Special thanks to Blue Jeans Cable.

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First, I would like to thank Kurt at Blue Jeans Cable for solving a problem that I didn't believe existed.

So this is what happened. I have a Sanyo Z5 (720p) Projector, Monoprice Switchbox 5x1 and 5x2, 50 foot cable from un-named company (don't want to mention but it isn't Monoprice) and the PS3. When I connected everything together using the Switch box, everything worked fine with I set the PS3 to output at 720p and 1080i. The picture was excellent. However, when I set the PS3 to output at 1080p which the Sanyo Z5 supports, the image was horrible. It seemed that the image would fade in and out and it was pixelated. In the past, thought there was a compatibility issue, so I didn't decide to pursue this until this past weekend, when I decided to try again and got the same results.

After doing some research on this forum, I noticed people had similiar experiences and it was due to the HDMI cable they were using. Of course, not really believing that the cable could make a difference, after all I purchased my 50 foot cable 2 years ago and paid almost $250.

I then decided to contact Kurt via email at Blue Jeans Cable to get his thoughts as to what my problem could be. To make a long story short, we communicated and he mentioned that it most likely was the cable. I had him give me a recommendation for a 50 foot cable that they carry and when he did, I made the purchase which was delievered next day to me via Fed Ex since I am in Canada. I then pulled the cable into the Switch box and then into the projector and viola, the 1080p image was excellent. I then used my old cable, and got the same results.

Kurt was right that my cable couldnt' handle a 1080p signal. Seems that with the amount of information being passed, the cable couldn't keep up.

Well, I really appreciate all of Kurt's help as our communication took place on Sunday, and also for the speedy service of getting the cable out the door and into my hands for Wednesday. (US holiday on Monday).

Going forward, all of my cables will come from Blue Jeans Cables.

If anyone else is having cable problems, I would definitely recommend that you give Blue Jeans Cables a call, as they are great to deal with and keep true to the information that they provide.

Thanks again Blue Jeans Cable.
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Monoprice's 22awg (I used 35') works great (1080p no problems) and unlike other member's comments, it is not hard to run/snake in existing construction (old work). When I purchased, they were cheaper than BJ's cables...
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1080p stresses everthing including the input capabilities of many displays. It's good you got it going, I usually just show the owner how much better 1080i looks and we both call it good at that point.
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Originally Posted by turbe /forum/post/12917621

Monoprice's 22awg (I used 35') works great and unlike other member's comments, it is not hard to run/snake in existing construction (old work). When I purchased, they were cheaper than BJ's cables...

I own that at 35ft. It's a great cable. I also bought the 50 foot Belden Bonded HDMI from Bluejeans when I moved my setup. It is a better cable no doubt about it. It's skinnier and more flexible but also passes 1080p with no problems. HDMI syncs are very fast - even with a longer cable. If you're going above 35ft, the Belden Bonded is the one you want.

Also, I have decided to do all my cable purchasing from Bluejeans because of their amazing customer service and lightning shipping.
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