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Long HDMI Cables

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Can anyone reccomend a supplier for a 10M HDMI Cable ?

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 www.bettercables.com I have a 15m version that works perfectly. When you start to get into longer lengths of DVI and HDMI cables, you need to be sure of the quality. Others have reported problems with certain cable companies and their longer length cables. Run a General search using HDMI cable and you'll find a lot of info already discussed about this topic. Good Luck

I have 10m ($199) & 15m ($299) HDMI cables that are CL rated for in-wall installation and work great.

The biggest issue with DVI or HDMI cables is not so much the cable but instead the driver set in your source device. While I have not tried all of the sources out there, I have heard that there are some problems with the Voom units going over 5m consistently.

We also have HDMI female/DVI male converters.

BTW, I am familiar with the Ram Rev2 cables and they are very well built, too be blunt the difference between theirs and mine is our CL jacket rating.

I do not think that the HDMI cables are up on our website yet.
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