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I bought all my home theater equipment back in '97:

Marantz AV550 pre-amp

Rotel RB-985 amp

Mitsubishi 50"

Mirage speakers

I'm finally starting to upgrade everthing and started with a new Sony 55" RP-LCD. Now it's time to look at replacing that Marantz pre-amp.

My budget is $2000 or less and HDMI switching is important. I don't know if upconverting analog is a must have, but it would be nice.

I've just started researching this, but I'm not seeing much out there for pre-amps - only receivers. From a receiver view-point it looks like the options in my price range are:

* Yamaha RX-V4600

* Denon AVR-3806 (soon to be released)

* Denon AVR-4306 (soon to be released)

It looks like the AVR-4306 will have the analog to HDMI upconverting.

So two questions: (1) Are there other options out there that I am missing? (2) If I get a receiver, should I keep the Rotel amp?

Thanks for any suggestions.
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