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Longer Power cord for Sanyo Z4?

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The Sanyo doesn't use a standard IEC powercord but one that has an end called all of these names..

"3-Ear Plug, Cloverleaf, Tri-Plug, Orb, Shamrock,Mickey Mouse or Cox-40 "

The problem I have is I need an Adapter or an end to make a cable so I can run the power to my PS Audio Powerplant Premier...

Any suggestions? I can only find 6ft cables.. I need 10-12ft power cable or at least and adapter to a normal power cable?

Suggestions please... My search skills are normally excellent but I'm coming up empty?
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Here's a cord that has a C14 female on one end to plug a standard C14 IEC cord into and the mickey mouse on the other end:

Cool thanks for the extension suggestion that should do it and the price is right!

And that site even has....

I really appreciate your time for posting the results.. I've been looking for a while tonight...

Originally Posted by Cytocycle /forum/post/0

And that site even has....

Even better!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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