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Looking at a RP TV, are they a better choice than LCD?

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Hey Guys

I am finishing my basement and I have tortured myself over the last few weeks in trying to narrow down a thin LCD or Plasma... I wanted a thin TV for the extra space it will give me if I were to mount it on the wall.

I just realized that I can get a rear projection because I am building the walls and I can "hide" the thickness of a rear projection, so there is no need to get an LCD or any other thin screen TV.

Are rear projections just as good, better or worse in general than LCD's, Plasmas and DLPs? Do I lose anything going with a RP?

I have a CRT HDTV upstairs (32") and I love it and the SD resolution, I have been told that CRT and rear projection render video better than LCD add to that the fact that Rear projection seems to be a whole boatload cheaper and now you know why I am asking questions here...

I am looking at the Sony 55A3000 bravia series.
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The narrower viewing angle is probably the most distracting quality concern of RP's when compared with LCD and most of all plasma. In general, though, RP's are just as good as those others unless you want to pay more for a Pioneer KURO.
The A3000s are excellent sets, rated by the pros as one of the best you can buy. Personally I prefer RPs to flat-panels LCDs because they give smoother motion images.

But Sony has announced they will end production in a few weeks, so grab one now if you want one.
Is the A3000 series better than, say, the sammy LED's (xx87S)?

Thank you both StillwaterTownie and davegow

StillwaterTownie, viewing angle wont be much of a problem as it is probably going to be 90% head on, with occasional side view for guests, so I guess it'll be a good choice.

I'll be sure to lookout for the viewing angle in the store just to make sure.

Originally Posted by sleey0 /forum/post/12879938

Is the A3000 series better than, say, the Sammy LED's (xx87S)?


I've spent a ton of time comparing these 61" sets, in 5 or 6 different stores, always tweaking the settings. A few times even in a more dim lit location. Overall they each have a bit of something better than the other. Overall, they are about equal. So much so that I was going to get the Sony because it was a bit less $ but now since Sony is not making them anymore and there have been problems with people getting Sony to honor warranty... I'm now going to get the Sammy.

IMO, if no problems/issues arise with either set, either will make you equally happy.

Originally Posted by sleey0 /forum/post/12879938

Is the A3000 series better than, say, the sammy LED's (xx87S)?

Both very good, but the Sony needs lamp replacement, whereas some people (including me) find the image on the Sammy LEDs sort of washed out, plus rather poor viewing angles. Whether these things bother you is a matter of personal choice.
What I have found is that the Sammy LED TVs rarely looked "right" in the BB stores. You set up those babies up correctly and you will really be impressed by the PQ especially if you like smooth film like images. I love my 61" LED DLP and am often shocked at how bad they look when I go into stores to buy movies.

I bought my brother last Xmas a top of the line Sharp 52" LCD. It looks great, don't get me wrong but we both feel my DLP at 9' bigger STILL loks better. Regardless, he didn't want to exchange it for mine because he loves the way the 2 inch thin panel looks. Hey, whatever makes you happy is the bottom line.

Sony lost a huge class action lawsuit due to the issues that they couldn't fix on the SXRDs so proceed with caution if you go that route.

However, to be fair if you DID get one that works right they did look fantastic and to me better than their Bravia LCD or any other LCDs.

Samsung LED DLP is the only way to go as far as Im concerned and having no bulb to change really keeps the price low. Unlike LCDs, the Sammy LEDs will not fade over time and unlike Plasma, they do not burn in which makes them great for gaming or PC use. I'm on mine right now!! They also run dead silent, little to no heat and use very little power for big screen sizes compared to LCD and especially Plasma.

If you MUST hang your TV on the wall and you will be watching at insane viewing angles then get a LCD. Other than that I still see no practical or realistic reason to get one.
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